A Guide To: Top Middle-Eastern Restaurants in London

A Guide To: Top Middle-Eastern Restaurants in London

Bear with me, this was written way before Covid ruined everything. Nevertheless, when things get back to normal, give these guys your support by sampling their best dishes. Trust me, you are in for a treat.

We’ve all been there: greasy late-night kebabs After a night out on the town. But it’s time to say hello to a feast fit for an Ottoman Emperor in London’s Top Middle Eastern restaurants.

The Mantl, Knightsbridge

A favourite of mine, Mantl is a Turkish restaurant opposite the shopping behemoth that is Harrod’s in Knightsbridge. I feasted on the most amazing grilled meats, authentic Turkish sweet treats in the most stylish setting. The location might make you think it’s going to cost an arm and leg, but Mantl is one of the best for the value that I’ve come across in London. The staff right up to the manager was top class. Highly recommended.

Arabica, King’s Cross

Arabica is making quite a name of itself from its humble beginnings in Borough market. Now with 4 locations with the latest in King’s Cross, it’s easy to see why: excellent Middle-Eastern fare with a friendly and welcoming hospitality from everyone, starting from reception right through to your waiter. The King’s Cross branch is contemporary and features a long communal table and a bar counter for those looking for a drink. It’s part of the ongoing development at King’s Cross, and it fits in perfectly with the burgeoning foodie scene. Another easy recommend.

The Palomar, Soho

If you’ve read my review of Poloma a while back, you won’t be surprised to find it here on my list of top Middle-Eastern cuisines in the Capital. It’s simply one of the best restaurants in London. Poloma brings the flavours of Jerusalem with a modern twist to central London. Perched at the communal bar counter among my partner in crime and other discernible diners, I savoured every bite from the delectable array of small plates that came directly from the open kitchen in front of me. Pan-seared scallops, and Persian paradelle It’s small but intimate, and when there’s a waiting list, you know it’s good. Thankfully, you can wait in the nearby which is also owned by the folks at Poloma.

Baraka, Broadgate Circle

Baraka is a stylishly modern Turkish restaurant secreted among the soaring skyscrapers of the City. With an elevated bar, intimate tables and high seating, it’s a top place for after-work drinks (as well as a date). The restaurant area spacious, communal tables accommodate up to a party and the extensive menu with the sound of the most-mouthwatering grilled meats and lip-smacking house cocktails. Take it from us, the Baraka Special is the one as is the showstopping Kiwi Sour cocktail. A brilliant Turkish restaurant only the local know about, and now you do too.

Maison Bab, Covent Garden

The younger sibling of the ever-popular Le Bab in Kingly Court, Maison Bab continues to show that kebabs aren’t just reserved for those late-night pit stops. Lovingly prepared by 2-chefs with Michelin-Star experience, the classic middle-Eastern fare gets a contemporary makeover, in airy interiors in vibrant Covent Garden. If you head downstairs, you’ll discover a recreation of a high-street kebab front. Fret not, kebabs are anything but the greasy vehicles but a posh twist. Who knew kebabs could be so fancaaayy?

What’s your favourite Middle-Eastern restaurant in London? Let me know below!

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