A Guide To: The Best Pizzas in London

A Guide To: The Best Pizzas in London

Pizza. Isn’t it so simple? It’s basically bread with loads of toppings on it. But the simplest things are often the best, the most difficult to perfect, and never has something so simple taste so damn good. Thankfully, there are loads around London now, but which is the best? Whether you’re looking for pepperoni party, looking for a food challenge, on a budget, or just craving a solid, good pizza fix, I’ve got you covered in my guide to the best pizzas in London town.

Crate Brewery


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Slices with friends.

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What goes well with pizza? Beer! Housed in an old factory with recycled decor, Crate Brewery own onsite micro-brewery means you get fresh beer every time. With a slice an inventive pizza slice (Kashmiri Dahl , anyone?), and fresh, ice-cold beer in the other, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a warm summer day with your mates as you watch the sunset by the river Lea at this cool and underrated hangout in Hackney.


πŸ“ Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Shoreditch, City, White City, Marylebone

For me, the OG of mega-sized pizza. Homeslice started life in Covent Garden, and thanks to their with gargantuan 20-inch sized pizzas, it’s easy to see how these guys have expanded across seven London location from Shoreditch to Fitzrovia. From classic to creative toppings, a Homeslice pie is capable of feeding 2-3 people. Be advised, it’s a pretty small venue (the Covent Garden one anyway), but if you’re hungry for pizza, this is where to get that fix.


πŸ“Dalston | Shoreditch | Peckham

Another pizzeria that believe in the “bigger is better” mantra. Serving a massive 22” New York-style pizzas by the slice, Voodoo Rays is more of takeout place than a sit-down restaurant. These guys don’t skimp on quality, sourcing the creamiest mozzarella, the richest tomatoes, and even the best flour to make their pizza with seasonal toppings you can’t find anywhere else. Two of their slices is an equivalent to an 11′ pizza. Again, it’s for the hungriest Londoners. Find them in Dalston, Peckham and Shoreditch.


πŸ“ Brick Lane, Shoreditch

Pizza for a fiver. Need I say more? This budget-friendly pizzeria in trendy Brick Lane is an absolute favourite of mine and the locals, and it’s easy to see why. Beyond the wallet-friendly price, Roma pizzas are super tasty, with a thin and crispy base, held by a crust that is still quite soft and pillowy, perfect for those dipping condiments. There’s even a Vegan menu and cocktails featuring some of the classics like a Negroni all at a fiver too. The decor could do with a sprucing up in my opinion, but its the pizza you come for, and it doesn’t disappoint. A no-fuss pizzeria, it’s one of the best value meal you’ll have in London.


πŸ“ Aldgate East | Hoxton | Shoreditch | King’s Cross | Spitalfield

Another pizzeria that’s wallet-friendly and big on taste too. It’s Roman-style super crispy, super quick and offers a massive variety of toppings (16!!). It comes piping hot from the stone oven that you can see from the open kitchen. Budget-friendly with some pretty industrial vibe going on – it’s easy to see why this is popular with the masses.


πŸ“ Soho

If there’s a cheesier pizza in London, I’d like to know, but at the moment, Japes is my pick of the lot for the cheesiest in town. As far as I know, it’s this Soho- based favourite that brings Chicago’s best culinary deep-dish pizza to these shores. It’s juicy, cheesy, full, and with a buttery golden crust that’s almost just as good as the toppings themselves. With a lively vibe and modern decor, it’s a firm favourite in central London.


πŸ“ Aldgate East | Boxpark Wembley | Hammersmith | Islington

It’s gourmet all the way at Zia Lucia. With a menu bursting with loads of toppings to choose from and some pretty unique pizza dough to choose from (paprika infused dough anyone?), Zia Lucia offers some pretty more customisable options than I’ve encountered anywhere else. Housed in a vibrant space that reminds me of a homey cottage in Italy and an open kitchen, Zia Lucia is one for the pizza connoisseurs among us.



Of all the pizzeria on this list, Lost Boys is probably the most fun. This 80’s vampire-themed pizza haven serves some cracking charcoal activated pizza which means, those pizzas are dark, but nonetheless delicious, just like their souls. If that wasn’t enough, dance the night away with the green fairies afterwards with the Croque Monsieur, a hidden dive bar of epic proportions serving killer cocktails with the finest absinthe collection. Definitely worth checking their website regularly to take advantage of regular offers such as Happy Hour and 2-41 pizzas on Wednesday.


πŸ“ Covent Garden

Fire & Stone is a globally-inspired pizzeria, where every pizza is influenced by far-flung cities and ingredients reflecting the taste for those countries. Each pizza is named after a city, so think aromatic duck on the Peking Pizza With a contemporary setting, Fire & Stone is a fancier pizzeria than most, and eagle-eye bargain hunters will also notice the pizza deal of two pizzas for Β£14 deal which makes Fire & Stone bloody brilliant value too.


πŸ“ Various locations

Franco Manca is the pioneer for fresh sourdough based Neopolitan pizza since 2008. Made onsite, and with 50 pizzeria’s between the UK and Italy, these guys know how their stuff. An airy decor and reasonably priced pizza (pizza starts at Β£5) it’s another budget-friendly pizzeria that good for the wallet and good for the tummy.


πŸ“ Various locations

For me, Pizza Pizza Pilgrim is the purveyors of the best Neopolitan pizzas in London. Bready, chewy, tasty and with a hint of char, the folks here know how to make an unbeatable pizza, having travelled all over Italy, learning the secrets to making a great pizza. Every branch (there’s 12 across London and counting) is vibrant, casual, and fun. You’ve got to check out the downstairs games room in West India Quay and the signature cartoon-ish decors. Reasonably priced too, it’s easy to see why Pizza Pilgrim is my top choice for cracking pizza.

What’s your favourite pizzeria in London? Let me know on Twitter and Instagram!

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