Best Monday Night Restaurant Deals in London

Best Monday Night Restaurant Deals in London

No one ever looks forward to Mondays. The dreary morning commute, the pouring rain, the packed tube train. All this before you even set foot in the office and sipped your morning coffee.

That’s why all over London, top restaurants are offering their finest to help us get through the worse day of the week.

From golden, crispy fried chicken to gigantic savoury pancakes, these top-notch Monday restaurant deals in London aren’t just delish, but light on the hard-earned cash too. Win-win!

Absurd Bird UK

What: Fried chicken; Spitalfields & Soho (London)

The deal: dishes with a drink included: £6.95

I like my KFC, but you know what’s even better? Absurd Bird’s bargain lunch time deal. At those prices, you’re getting your fried chicken fix and a whole lot more in a upscale establishment. And if you’re into cocktails, then get this – it’s 2-4-1 cocktails all day.

Offer is only available if you book in advance though, so get booking.

Blues Kitchen

What: BBQ; Brixton & Shoreditch

The deal: Two meals for the price of one.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than this ‘Best Mate Monday’ deal at Blues Kitchen. Not only are the food top-notch, you’re treated to live music of blues, soul or funk every night at this hip Shoreditch bar and restaurant. An eclectic, industrial space serving comforting cajun-BBQ grub with a side of blues for half-the price? Tell a mate and see you there.

Like, Absurd Bird, you better book ahead.

Fire and Stone

What: Pizza; Covent Garden

The deal: 2 pizzas for £14 + plus more

I’m afraid those takeaway Dominoes just won’t do anymore after you’ve grabbed a slice of Covent Garden’s gourmet pizzas. Inspired by cities around the world, their creative toppings taste just as good as it sounds. Peking pizza with duck confit and hoisin sauce? Yes please. Grab a mate and enjoy gastronomic pizzas for just 7 quid.

You know the drill, book first before enjoying.

London Cocktail Club

What: Cocktails; various location

The deal: why spend a fiver on a tepid pint when you can spend that on a cocktail? The LCC have been serving revellers creative concoctions like the Brixton Riot since 2008 and now you can sip on some weird and fantastic cocktails for 50% at one the LCC’s many locations around London. It’s not for the refined, you can expect booming music, low-lit settings and swing lamps underneath the streets of London. This is the place for a night out, and if you ask me, the LCC Monument is the cream of the crops.

Drink up:

My Old Dutch

What: Pancakes; Holborn

The deal: Monday madness pancakes at £5.95

Pancakes aren’t just all sweet. Transforming how we see these delightful thin, flat cake of batter, My Old Dutch have been lifting Londoner’s gloomy Monday blues for years by offering outrageously brilliant pancakes for an equally brilliant deal.

No need to RSVP, but expect to queue for dinner.

Mac and Wild

What: Scottish, Steak; Soho

The deal: “Meaty Monday’s” 50% off Butchers Cuts, every Monday

I raved about just how good Mac and Wild was, and now us lucky lot can chomp down on some of the best steaks from Scotland for half the price. That beef chateaubriand was unbelievably good. And it gets better, if you’re a lucky cardholder of a Taste Card, you’re entitled to another 50%. Incredible food for so little money, it’s almost daylight robbery.

RSVP not required but highly recommended:


What: Meat chops; City, Soho; Shoreditch

The deal: Butcher price Mondays

Located on the site of a former brothel bang in the middle of Soho and just a minute walk from the bright lights of the West End, Blacklock are offering big, quality chops at butcher prices. Butcher prices can vary and the quantity may be limited but notwithstanding this, all we need to know is that you’re still getting a good deal of chops at awesome prices. I highly recommend bringing a mate for this one. One person will not be able to handle the meat sweats alone here. Wash all that meat down with cocktails for a fiver. What’s not to love?

RSVP not required but recommended:

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