In The Spotlight: The ultimate rooftop playground is back at Roof East this summer!

In The Spotlight: The ultimate rooftop playground is back at Roof East this summer!

Now I don’t know about you, but my enduring love for rooftop vibes knows no bounds. I was one of the lucky sods to get a look at this lofty multi-story car park -turn-event space early and I can say, it’s bigger and better this year. Just take a look…

Come walk with me around Roof East 2019

Let’s start with the actual playground. This year, the fun-loving folks at Roof East have hooked up with The Social Fun and Games Club (SFG) and they’re bringing a whole host of fun adult-only activities into the mix. Expect a competitive game of 9-hole crazy golf course from Birdies. Also making up the ultimate adult playground are Sluggers, London’s only rooftop batting cage along with curling, shuffleboard and bowling lanes. New to this year, SFG Club is introducing ‘House of Foos’ to its gaming portfolio – a VR mix of traditional football and table foosball (on steroids). I look forward to coming back and channelling my inner Messi.

You’ll want to fuel up properly to keep you going and Roof East won’t let you or me go hungry with its plethora of bars and street food offings. Eat Chay is there serving up pillowy-soft vegan bao buns and The Burger Project will be serving, yep you guessed it, burgers. Good luck trying to resist ordering all the tasty sounding cocktails from the bar. Drinks like the Electric Boogaloo is top notch. Go easy, otherwise, the dizzying heights of Roof East won’t be the only thing making you dizzy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Roof East – vegan bao buns courtesy of Eat Chay

All this and I’ve not even started on the return of the ever-popular Rooftop Film Club. These guys will be back in residence with a whole roster of movies to watch under the stars. Flow East Yoga will be there too, offering a more zen experience. I’m a little wild so you won’t find me joining in but for those with a chilled disposition, this one’s for you.

All this and it’s totally FREE to enter. It’s a hard life in East London. The imminent London summer is just around the corner and I reckon London is heading for another good one. You’ll know where to find me…

Location: Level 8, Stratford Multi-Storey Car Park, Great Eastern Rd, London, E15 1BB
Social: FB @roofeast, TW – @roofeast, IG – @roofeast
Cost: Free to enter. Games and activities priced separately. Buy here.
Opening Times: Mon: Closed (Except Bank Holidays: 12pm-11pm, Tues- Fri: 5pm – 11pm; Sats-Sun: 12pm – 11pm
More info:

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