Pachamama East Review: Another Peruvian – can it hold its own?

Pachamama East Review: Another Peruvian – can it hold its own?


🍴 Type/Cuisine: Peruvian-inspired
πŸ“ Location: 73 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HR
πŸ—£ Social: Instagram
πŸ’Έ Price: Β£45 for one person, 4 courses inc. dessert and service charge
🌏 Website:

As one of the foodie capital of the world, London pretty much has you covered. But with Peruvian cuisine pretty well established already in London, what can Pachamama East bring to the table in a part of London that’s seen it all (or so East-Enders would like to think)?

I decided to visit Pachamama East after learning about the cool 50% soft-launch offer going on at the time. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly staff and the sound of a restaurant quickly filling up (7pm.)

So Shoreditch

First thing I noticed was how unapologetically Shoreditch-y Pachamama East is – exposed light bulbs hanging above you, long communal tables, and foliage sprouting from the walls who’s plaster have been subtly ripped away in patches to reveal brick and mortar walls. It’s an aesthetics no doubt preferred or almost demanded by its hip neighbourhood. It’s not fine dining, but it’s cool and edgy. I dig it.

As it’s becoming more regular, the Peruvian-inspired menu is divided into Sea, Land and Soil and comes in small plates intended for sharing. As you’ll see later, here’s what makes Pachamama East a little different: many of it’s dishes is influenced by other cuisines.

After seeking recommendations from the chatty bartenders, I was convinced into ordering the caramelised aubergines, seabass ceviche with nori seaweed, the ‘duck on rice’, and Peruvian chocolate with toasted quinoa.

That Caramelised Aubergine and Duck on Rice

There was a consensus among staff that the aubergines were the best on the menu and I have to agree – it was mind-blowing. Sweet, sticky, nutty and even quite ‘meaty’ with every bite a mouthful. The ceviche was fresh, sour and bursting with flavours. Expectation continued to be exceeded with the Duck and Rice which again, came highly recommended. Although I found the duck to be on the slightly dry side, the sauce, was something I never expected. Stunningly silky, buttery and savoury. I don’t think I’ve had anything quite like it before.

Dining alone has a bit of a stigma. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of ‘me’ time but if you’re still unconvinced then Pachamama East is one of those restaurants that are great for solo diners. I was sat at the sunken L-Shaped bar counter (best seat in the house in my opinion) at the back of the restaurant, and the sociable staff I got talking to (shout out to Thomas and Lena) kept me in great company all night telling me all the best bits of Pachamama and its other locations in London. They were attentive and even went out their way to give me a sample of the special chocolate truffles with Peruvian chilli when I couldn’t decide between that and the Peruvian chocolate for dessert.

So, can Pachamama East Cut It?

It’s a definite yes from me. It’s a delightful addition to the colourful resturant scene in Shoreditch and although it’s Peruvian at it’s heart, I love the nod to other cuisines as well.

I don’t think I’ll rave more about a vegetable dish ever and that sauce on the duck and rice is something that will stay with me for a long time. Well done Pachamama East.

🀡🏻 SERVICE: 4/5
🍸 FOOD: 5/5
🌟 OVERALL: 4½/5

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