Winter Lights 2018 in Canary Wharf – In Photos

It’s not just Lumiere illuminating the night-time street of London. Head over to Canary Wharf where you’ll see even light installations that are just as interactive, fun and beautiful. It may be smaller, but still packs just as much fun as Lumiere. Head down and see for yourself 😉

The details you need to know:

  • Price: FREE to visit
  • Open time: 5-10pm
  • End date: Saturday 27 January 2018
  • More than 30 installations to see
  • Installation map
  • Brochure
  • Hashtag: #Winterlight

Have you seen the Winter Lights? Which is your fave?

Planning to see the Winter Lights? Which are you most looking forward to seeing?

“Light Benches”. I’ve actually seen this installation a couple of times now and I believe it’s actually now a permanent installation!
“Apparatus Florius”. This installation lights up the trees of Westferry Circus with a multi-coloured installation featuring giant geometric patterns that glow and intersect as you watch. I’m afraid the picture doesn’t quite do it justice here. A lot more impressive when you see IRL.
“The Cube”
“Chancellor Message” – An ever-changing cascade of words drawn from the live newsfeed on The Times website falls down on a wall of water. You have to be there to see it in all its glory.
“Pixels”. Pixels is an interactive installation designed as a playful set of blocks that creates a dynamic environment controlled by the public rather than the artist. The cube changes colour and intensity by rotation. I particualry enjoyed this installtion. You can build whatever the hell you want. It explore individual creativity as well as collective exploration.
“We Can Meet”. Another permanent light installation in canary Wharf. First making an appearance in 2016,500 illuminted acryllic rod is installed in the water channel. Viewed from above, the programmed illumination changes colour regularly and frequency throughout the day and evening.
“Future Fashion”. Fashion in the digital age is a powerful form of expression mediated by social media. The dress changes messages and colour as you input data to it via an app. Cooool
“Selected Works”. A selection of colourful and sensory artwork using acrylic and wood. It’s shaped to replicate One Canada Square.
“Clones”. This is a glow in the dark installation.
“Reflecting Holons”. This is one of those installations that make you go “wooow”
“Estuary Poem For Wyndham Lewis and Other Works”.
“Coup de Foudre II”
“Polaris” – Step inside this cube and experience the mesmerising installation inspired by the Northern lights.
“Sonic Light Bubble” at Jubilee Plaza: Come closer. This amazing six-metre wide living, breathing installation pulsates with light and sound when you approach or touch it, emitting a warm glow through 236 programmed LEDs as it constantly generates new visual patterns to a unique soundtrack. ENESS is a multidisciplinary design studio at the intersection of art and technology. They combine to produce unique installations of light, interaction design, sculpture and architecture to produce meaningful interactive art.
“Abstract Collectif Coin in Motgomery Square: Apparently inspired by the concept of time and relativity. Abstract is a pixel matrix in which every pixel can move over its vertical axis between the ground and a height of five metres. Movement, sound and light all interweave to create a stunning performance piece repeating on a loop. Time can be perceived as a vertical dimension in which the pixels travel. This movement represents the freezing of time while the audience keep their feet firmly on the ground.
On Your Wavelength, Level -3 Crossrail Place: This interactive light sculpture and music composition is controlled by your mind, via an EEG headset. As your thought patterns change, the electrical data from your brain is used to control the music and create intricate light patterns. These illuminate a large-scale light installation fitted with over 30,000 LEDs. Artist Marcus Lyall collaborated with interactive composer Robert Thomas, who wrote the adaptive music.
“Halo” at Cabot Square: See Cabot Square in a new light as a giant Halo seems to levitate above the fountain creating a powerful light experience. Halos are an optical phenomenon produced by light interacting with crystals in the atmosphere recreated here to delight and uplift. In this piece the Halo refers to the sun as our greatest source of light and warmth, shaping the conditions for life on our planet.
Dazzling Dodecahedron: Step inside this beautiful, jewel-like structure and bathe in the glow of amazing purples, golds, pinks, blues, green and bronze from the 12 pentagon panels made of iridescent acrylic. During the day the installation twinkles with a kaleidoscope of colour created by natural sunlight. At night, the lights go on and the Dazzling Dodecahedron comes to life as a giant disco ball.

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