Lumiere London Light Festival – Top 5 Installations to See

Lumiere London is back!

The second year of the UK’s largest light festival, made possible by the collaboration between Artichoke Trust and the Mayor of London office, Lumiere London sees more than 50 light installations from artists from around the world illuminate the nighttime streets of London with colour.

Bigger than 2016 and spread over 6 different locations, some of London most famous landmarks were given a dazzling makeover including Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the National Theatre and King’s Cross.

There’s a lot to see and experience and is hard to see them all. Luckily, I managed to see the majority in 2 days covering all 6 locations including Mayfair, Southbank, Westminster, and Fitzrovia. Massively tiring, I would not recommend doing what I did and attempt to see everything in one night. Instead, I would recommend picking out the ones you want to see and planning your visit from there. Unless you want to see everything, allow 2 days for this.

Here are my 5 favourite installations from Lumiere London. What’s yours?

DOT in King’s Cross: An installation to simply stand and admire. It’s a multi-sensory installation where light bulbs pulse, flash and beam across Pancras Square. The 175 light bulbs in DOT respond to a soundtrack composed specially for Lumiere London. Alongside the music, patterns start to appear – an ever-changing panorama of horizontal and vertical lines, spheres and cubes.
In the spotlight in King’s Cross: Lampounette is a surreal take on the area’s corporate environment. It pays homage to the office desk lamp, by giving making it giant size. I love these kinds of installations where basic everyday object is morphed into something larger than ourselves.
Wave on Southbank: Another interactive light installation. The Wave responds to your movement and sound allowing you to co-create the evening’s experience, with a constantly changing pattern of sound and light along Riverside Walkway on the South Bank. The Wave consists of 40 triangular, interactive, luminous gates.
Interacting with Illumaphonium in Mayfair: apparently, this installation is the first of it’s kind. Described as “dynamic and interactive, multi-sensory, music-making installation” the sculpture has hundreds of hundred illuminated chime bars. Each of these chimes responds to touch, with ever-changing patterns of light and sound, bringing people together into a fun and spontaneous music-making experience. From what I head, it wasn’t exactly Mozart stuff but fun to interact with.

To see more images from Lumiere London 2018, check out my gallery “Lumiere London 2018 – In Pictures”.

See it before lights out on Sunday 21 January 2018.


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