Winterville is back!

Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 01

Winterville is back for 2017 and it’s the same as I’ve always known it to be: it’s friggin awesome.

Now located on Clapham Common after swapping locations with Victoria Park in the East-End, Winterville is much smaller than its Winter Wonderland brethren. But that’s not a negative thing: it’s still packed with things to do and I didn’t feel overwhelmed or worried that I’d be unable to see everything.

Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 06

Free to enter and a few minutes walk away from Clapham Common tube station, Winterville, is ram packed with uber fun things to do: you can claim bragging rights against your mates at Plonk Crazy Golf, show off your ice skating / rollerblading moves to your hot-date, and even get your heart-pumping with one of the many exhilarating rides including the ominously-sounding “Oblivion”. There’s more and I’m only just scratching the surface!


DSC04814 (1)


If a more mellow evening is in order then snuggle in with mulled wine in hand inside one of the many warm bar tents around Winterville with comfy sofas covered in faux-fur. Then catch Christmassy entertainment inside the Spiegeltent, or browse the quirky indoor Christmas market tent where you’ll find unique gifts, and gorge on some of the finest street food all under one roof with Street Feast (the very same purveyor of fine street food who brought us Dinerama and Hawker House) featuring Mother Clucker, Babek Kebab, and White Men Can’t Jerk.

Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 02


Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 20

Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 20

You can even catch a movie in the surroundings of an enchanted forest with backyard cinema. Hint: what’s behind that wardrobe… 😉

Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 08


Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 07

I have to admit, when I arrived on a cold Thursday night after work on press night, I was in a bit of a foul mood but I left with a full stomach and a massive grin on my face. I could go on “Oblivion”, “Over the Falls” and “Air Raid” all day long!

Winterville, Clapham, Nov 2017 09

If you ask me whether I’d recommend visiting Winterville, it’s a big YASSS from me. Unlike Winter Wonderland, Winterville is a bit more for grown-ups and away from the mass crowd of Central London. it’s packed with things to do, things to see, things to win, and delicious food to devour/Instagram the shit out of. It’s a bit of trek if you live in the East like I do, but it’s so worth the journey. GO!


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