Blind Spot Review: One of the Best Secret Cocktail Bar in Covent Garden

Here’s a late-night speakeasy cocktail bar you’ve probably never heard of before, until now.

Secreted behind a boutique tea counter, Blind Spot is located within the opulent surroundings of the St Martin’s Lane Hotel, a boutique hotel just around the corner from touristy Trafalgar Square.

Part of the excellent Morgan’s Hotel group, you know it’s already going to be good even before you start making your way.

Blind Spot 25
Entrance to the Blind Spot.

The Golden Handshake

Arriving fashionably late, I was unsure where to the bar was. There was no sign to point in the direction and I was even more confused when the concierge pointed to what looked a normal looking tea counter. It was only when you walk up do you see this odd looking door handle. The only way to enter is via the Golden Handshake it seems. Give it a gentle yank and prepare to oooohhhhh…

Blind Spot 27


You’ll suddenly be warped into a plush, swanky speakeasy bar, a world away from the quiet foyer of the hotel, all dark sexy with dim lightings and multi-coloured hues.

Blind Spot 02
Blind Spot 03

Halloween cocktails

But what about the cocktails? Well, this is London, and this is Covent Garden where only the best will do. On arrival, this complimentary shot arrived at my table. There didn’t seem to be any booze in it. But that’s probably a good thing given the delicious poison I was about to consume.

Blind Spot 05

Bind Spot caters for seasonable treats on this occasions.Halloween was just around the corner and so it was all treats, no tricks at this place with some cracking, but limited options of cocktails for the occasion.

Blind Spot 10
The Red Rum
Blind Spot 08

What of the food?

The food ain’t half bad either. Delicious as they were, I’d probably have something to eat before arrival. After all, they are small bites.

Blind Spot 17
Roast pork belly Hirata steamed buns

Best thing on the food menu?

You wouldn’t normally order food at bars. After all, it’s about the drinks. But if you’re feeling peckish and can’t hold it. Soft, pillowy bao bun and crispy chilli sliders.

Yummmm, crispy chilli burger sliders 🍔

The Halloween cocktails above may be from the menu by the time you plan your visit, so what of the bespoke, signature cocktails on offer all year round?

The “Marseille” cocktail


lt; h2>Signature cocktails at Blind Spot

Menu is quirky. Inspired by the ancient tea trade of bygone eras and influenced by the British Empire, signature cocktails are named after a city from around the globe, from NYC to Osaka. Me likey.y recommendation? Choose the “Marseille” – herbal, boozy and sour. Shout out goes to “Kyoto” too.

Blind Spot 20
The “Kyoto” get two 👍 from me


y night, there’s a programme of cracking live music, musicians strutting their stuff. We all know what live music does do a place and the music is brilliant. If I were you, I’d book a table for 8pm. The live music starts at 9.30pm.

It doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but perhaps that a good thing. I want it all to myself.

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