In Photos: London is Full of Beans!

In Photos: London is Full of Beans!

Did you see 14 Mr Bean characters bumbling around London on 19th October 2017?

London has a brand new mobile puzzle game and to take you on a tour around the English capital is one of the world’s most loveable (and hapless) hero, Mr Bean!

To help celebrate the launch of the brand new game, Play London with Mr Bean, 14 Mr Bean characters were released on the unassuming British public.

Did you know Mr Bean is the world’s most famous Londoner? I couldn’t quite believe it when I was told that Mr Bean has more than 75 million Facebook likes. That even more than Britney Spears, David Beckham, and Harry Potter. It’s true!

Play London with Mr Bean aims to encourage visitors to London to discover areas of the Capital such as Kensington, Southbank and areas in greater London including Greenwich. While you play, you earn “Voucher Points” which, if you collect enough, you can trade for real-life products and experiences from top attractions in London such as 2-4-1 vouchers for Merlin attractions like MadameTussauds, the London Eye and Sea-Life Aquarium. Good deal if you ask me!

It was exciting times. What didn’t excite me was setting my alarm for 3.40am! It was a 6am start at Waterloo station and as the tube doesn’t start until 5.30am, it meant a journey on the infamous night bus into Central London.

Starting from Waterloo station, we were hoping to capture some hero images of Mr Bean including Mr Bean on the tube, in the carriages, interacting with bemused early morning commuters, Mr Bean in front of iconic landmarks – you get the picture (pun intended). We took the tube to Charing Cross station before getting on a Golden Tours bus which would take us an open-top tour around some of London’s most iconic landmarks including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square.

It was still dark when we emerged from Charing Cross station. Only an hour into the PR stunt and I was already feeling like I’d done a solid 8-hour work shift. It was, in fact, only 7am!

Our next stop was the London Eye where all 14 Bean characters would take over an entire London Eye capsule. A capsule full of Beans!

Our final stop took us back to Trafalgar Square where Beans would run around interacting with the public

I left an hour early just after 11am and in doing so missed the session with the media outlets an the influencers. I had to get my photos edited before sending off to my colleagues to decide which image to use for the press release. But you can see what they got up to with @LakuDavies, one of London’s most popular Instagrammers in this video.

I’ve been lucky to have worked on some pretty mind-blowing projects in my life. The kind of project that got media attention and has appeared in magazines and newspapers. Play London with Mr Bean is definitely up there as one of my favorite projects.

Did you see a Mr Bean bumbling around London? Share your pictures on social media with #PlayLondonGame. I’d love to see it!

You can download Mr Bean’s new mobile game, Play London with Mr Bean on iOS and Android. And follow Play London on social media if you want to see more images from the day and the PR video (if you pause at 0:48, you can even catch a glimpse of me!).

Mr Bean PR Stunt 34

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