The sight, smell and sound of Camden (to be continued…)

It’s often the case on a Saturday morning that I wonder “what shall I do this weekend?”. It’s not that I’m too lazy to plan ahead, I’m simply too busy during the week to think of anything else.

Like most working full-time in Central London, I wanted to avoid Central and so my search focussed on somewhere ‘hip’, ‘cool’, ‘happening’, ‘quirky’ and foodie’. The snap decision to spend the afternoon in Camden was made. Owing much to my procrastination, it was already pretty late in the afternoon so I wouldn’t have much time left. Sod it, I needed to make good use of the slither of leisure time I had.

I didn’t have to walk very far from Camden Town station before being swept up by the vibrant energy of Camden where explorers, punks, locals, street artists and vendors all mingle harmoniously to create the atmosphere Camden is so famous for.

Sketchy or Cool? Weird or trendy? Places like Camden can divide opinions. For me, Camden has always felt like home. It’s certainly rough around the edges. But it’s similar to the part of London that I grew up living in the East End. I loved it.

Shopping was not on my agenda but no-one could ignore the market. Stopping by to read some of the tongue-in-cheek slogans on these knock-off shirts does provide some amusement.

I naturally made my way to Camden Lock where it was all happening. Over 200 stalls jostled for my attention and my fellow wanderers around the market. It never ceases to amaze me the plethora of stuff you can buy in Camden Market from handmade jewellery, vintage antiques, and even ice cream made from liquid nitrogen. If unique, quirky items are what you’re after, this is where it’s at. I think I know where I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping this year.

Camden 18

Camden 19

I wasn’t even hungry but the enticing smell of the mouth-watering street food nearby drew me in. How can it not? In Thailand, some of the best food in the city are the ones that you find from the street vendors. Perhaps the same can be true in London? You’ll find pasta oozing with cheese, dainty dumplings from Tibet, and sweet crepes. London’s diverse foodie scene offering reflects it’s diverse population.

Camden 20

I continued to wander around the 15,000 square feet labyrinth of Camden Market until it was closing time (6pm). I cursed myself for arriving so late in the day. It meant I was only able to see a fraction of what Camden has to offer but I consoled myself with the knowledge that at least it gives me a reason to come back again soon. In true Arnie fashion, ‘I’ll be back.’‘I’ll be back.’

Camden 18

Camden 17


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