Cahoots Review: Drinking Den for the Scoundrels of London?

4 thoughts on “Cahoots Review: Drinking Den for the Scoundrels of London?”

    1. I certainly do! I assume quirky bars is what you’re after? Besides Cahoots, I love Mr Fogg’s Residence not too far from Oxford Circus station. The London Cocktail Company near Shoreditch is also pretty cool. but quite small as is The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town where you enter through a fridge!. I’ve not visited these yet but they’re on my list: Callooh Callay in Shoreditch (again!), Evans & Peel Detective Agency in Chelsea, and The Bletchley 🙂 So many bars to visit, so little time!

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      1. Ooooh thank you so so much for the recommendations – I’m planning on heading to Shoreditch one night so I think s cocktail somewhere is just what the doctor ordered haha!! Thank you so much for this amazing reply! Xxx

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