Pizza Pilgrim WIQ 15

If you’re not already impressed with the cool, retro feel of this Pizza Pilgrim branch (which also happens to be inside a former warehouse beside a riverside), then you will be when you learn what they’ve gone and done: they’ve and launched Ape Hour.

What is Ape Hour you ask? Well, from 3-6pm every day, you get:

  • Any pizza for a fiver,
  • A cocktail for £5
  • A schooner of beer for £3

Pizza Pilgrim WIQ 01Pizza Pilgrim WIQ 02Pizza Pilgrim WIQ 04

Getting pissed in pizza for under a tenner? Yes please.

If you’re not knocking back a pizza and washing it down with a beer/cocktail, then get your competitive streak out on the Nintendo Switch or the foosball table in the downstairs bar/gaming area. It’s swish.

I’m rather fond of West India Quay with its swanky offices, fancy restaurants, and cool vibes. Now I have the perfect excuse to visit more often.

What do you think, dear readers? Ever been? What are the best restaurant/bar deals you’ve enjoyed? Let me know!


Written by Kritt Normsaskul

Hi, I am Kritt, reluctant adult, professional day dreamer and adventurer extraordinaire. I love getting lost in my surroundings with my camera, a good cocktail and romantic walks to the fridge. Welcome to my blog on all things, London! (well, other things too but mostly London).

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