Pleased to meet you, Hope

The Natural History Museum has a new poster girl and her name is Hope 🙂

Hope NHM (04)

I got to meet Hope, the Blue Whale for the first time last week and she’s a beauty. Awe-inspiring and majestic, Hope hangs above the main atrium of the Hintze Hall where Dippy once proudly stood.

Hope NHM (03)

If you enter the museum through the main entrance, you’ll be impressed with the way Hope appears to be swooping towards you with her mouth wide open and her flippers spread out reveal the full extent of her sheer size.

Hope NHM (01)

Although we’ll miss Dippy the Diplodocus, Hope is a very impressive and fitting replacement for this famous museum. Remember, it’s free to visit and worth visiting the Natural History Museum just to see Hope.

Hope NHM (02)

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