Chino Latino Review: The next Sushi Samba?

Chino Latino Review: The next Sushi Samba?

Have you heard about this plush Pan-Asian fusion restaurant in London? No, I’m not talking about Sushi Samba. I’m actually talking about Chino Latino.

Secreted away in the belly of the uber luxurious 5-stars Park Plaza Hotel along Albert Embankment, Chino Latino is a Pan-Asian fusion restaurant, just a relaxing stroll away along the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. When I first heard of Chino Latino, my mind didn’t conjure up a stylish restaurant but boy I could not have been further from the truth.

Chino Latino (01)

Chino Latino (02)

From the moment I walked in, I felt like a VIP.. I was struck by how warm and friendly the lovely concierge at the front were, and when I asked what they would recommend, Aurelija was more than happy to recommend her favourite item on the menu. Gabriel was assigned my personal sommelier for the night was brilliant at helping me work out the best wines and the best cocktails to go with the food.

Being in a 5-star hotel, you’d expect the interiors at Chino Latino to be pretty swish too, and I can confirm it was stylish AF. A super sleek bar, a dedicated sushi bar, an intimate lounge and a sexy dining area all co-existing in an open-planned floor.

Chino Latino (03)

Chino Latino (04)

Chino Latino (05)The mightily impressive floor-to-ceiling windows offered great view looking out towards the Thames and the Houses of Parliament. Okay, so it doesn’t offer the sweeping views of Sushi Samba, but still impressive nonetheless. During the day, I can see this place transforming from a sexy beast to a light and airy venue perfect for afternoon tea time. How’s that transformation

Chino Latino (06)

The menu was a bit of overwhelming but in a good way. Pan-Asian food with a particular nod to the flavours of Peru, the menu was an array of mouth-watering dishes.

I was aware I was taking a while making up my mind but not once did I feel rushed. Top service again. My top tip is, and as suggested by Gabriel, is to go for a ‘set menu’, dishes carefully selected so that you get a bit of everything from Japan to Peru and everything in between.

It may not have the dazzling views as Sushi Samba but the food is just as delightful and mind-blowingly good. I’m not sure any words can describe how good it was, so I think I’ll just let the pictures take it away from here although I have to warn you, the following images contain extreme images of food porn.

Chino Latino (08)
Sashimi platter with 3 fresh fishes: salmon, tuna and another I can’t remember.. But it was good,  that’s all there is to know.
Chino Latino (07)
Blow-torched salmon nigiri: taking salmon sushi to a whole new level
Chino Latino (09)
Tiger Maki roll: 8 heavenly pieces of  prawns, takuwan (whatever that is), sesame, beetroot and yogurt dressing
Chino Latino (10)
Vegetable gyoza
Chino Latino (11)
Chicken Sui Mai: foie gras, shiitake mushrooms and teriyaki sauce
Chino Latino (12)
Probably one of the best things on the menu: English sirloin steaks served sizzling on a bed of hot rocks with soy, mirin and garlic dressing
Chino Latino (13)
Lobster Tempura
Chino Latino (15)
Salted caramel banana mousse Green tea ice cream

As you can probably tell, the portions are small. Chino Latino embraces the ‘sharing is caring’ mantra so order lots of dishes to share amongst friends.

Wine is extremely important as we well know. If I were you, I’d place my trust on your personal sommelier who can always recommend the best wine to go with every dish. Top tip: order a separate half bottle to go with the starters and then the main to get the perfect pairing.

Chino Latino may not be as well located as all the other swish bars and restaurants in central London or the City. But strangely, it’s actually one of it’s strength. It’s relatively low-profile existence means it’s not always going to be overly in demand like, say Sushi Samba, and it’s no wonder that certain celebs choose Chino Latino as their go-to to get away from the attention. Plus, the stroll to Chino Latino is quieter and peaceful compared to Southbank. You get views like this along with the Albert Embankment.

Chino Latino (17)
The views in the evening as you make way to or from Chino Latino is breathtaking

Chino Latino (16)

It’s pricey, obviously, but not extortionately expensive either. You’ll want to go to come here for a special occasion. Perhaps you’re planning a hot date? Or maybe you’re looking to really impress a business client? Chino Latino will do the job just swell. If you’re just enjoying a mid-week treat of Friday post-work celebration with friends, this is also a top choice. For those who enjoy flying solo, that’s cool too. The dedicated Sushi and Ceviche Bar means there’s a quality ‘me time’ to be had.

Perhaps drinks are more your thing? That’s covered too. If I were you I’d take my glass, sit on one of the cosy chairs and enjoy the sweet sound of acoustic music covering some of the best pop music.

Chino Latino (19)

Overall, I can happily say that this probably a hidden gem in London. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and I’m quite sure if it was located a bit closer centrally, it would be the talk of the town. Good work, Chino.

Chino Latino (18)
Lo and behold the ‘Mushi a Gari’: a concoction of gin, chilli, fresh mango and apple juice

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m loving your photos too 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures around town. Like you, I’ve still so much to find out about London even though I’ve lived here all my life!


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