Sinking a Few Holes at The Junkyard Golf Club on Brick Lane

Looking for something quirky and fun to do for your mid-week treat? Perhaps maybe an end-of-week night out? Maybe you’re looking for something to do for a team putting? Or maybe it’s a date night? Well, look on further than The Junkyard Golf Club at The Old Truman on edgy Brick Lane.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (02)

By now, most Londoners will have heard of The Junkyard Golf Club as it’s been a capital for a while. Starting out in Manchester back in 2007, the guys has expanded to the Capital where it has stayed since. IInitiallya pop-up,  now it’s here stay and had recently been given a facelift, breathing new life into the old golf courses.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (05)

Kept underground underneath the Old Brewery, it’s a pretty big place with four courses to impress on. I  unleashed my inner Rory McIllory on three courses that were open that night.

Every course and hole are very inventive and each with their own themes: Jungle Circus Freaks, Scrapyard Challenge and Old School Movie Mash-Up.  Each course has 9 holes which mean if you were to complete every course, you’d have done 36 holes!

My personal favourite course was the jungle course where I recall, with varying degree of success, putting through a volcanoe and an aztec temple. 

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (06)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (07)

Naturally, what I loved most about the Junkyard Golf Club is the inventive golf course, and the equally wacky names of every hole.

I had to hack my way through the jungle with ‘Pablo’, embrace all things carnival (albeit spooky) with ‘Bozo’ the spooky clown, and navigate my way through the scrapyard in ‘Tyre-some Fury’ and the mind-altering UV garage section.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (08)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (09)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (11)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (12)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (13)

Bars are dotted around the course which mean holes weren’t the only thing I was sinking on the night! There’s a selection of delicious craft beers to enjoy (the Pistonhead was very good) and if you have a sweet tooth like I do, sweet saccharine cocktails will satiate any sweet tooth. Of course, every cocktail comes with its own wacky and quirky names from ‘Fairway to Heaven’ and ‘Who’s Your Caddy’. Excellent.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (21)

As for the food, the hot dog was not brilliant, but it will provide keep the hunger at bay for now. If I were you, I’d go for the nachos in all its gooey cheesy deliciousness providing better sustenance to take on the course.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (14)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (03)

If you think the night is over after the last hole had been sunk, think again. Right next door, The Golden Pineapple, a retro looking cocktail bar, serves inventive and original cocktails right up till 11pm

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (18)

I was pretty tempted to go for the ‘Bronson Flip’ which included a raw egg in the cocktail mix, but  I played it safe and went for the Rye Port Cobbler.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (17)

It’s a pretty large big cocktail bar with a  lounge area to sink into and leather banquettes at the other end of the bar to soak up the atmosphere and contemplate how good of a crazy golf player you are (or where it all went wrong), or dish out some of the banter on your mates.

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (15)

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (20)

It’s bigger and a far cry from the homogenous chain of crazy golf courses I’ve seen in recent times.It’s a wacky, quirky place for a competitive fun night out with your mates or in a team bonding sesh to see who in your office/ among your mates, is the king/queen of Crazy Golf. However you get on, you’re guaranteed heaps of fun in the East End.

If you’re still lukcy enough to be a student, you can get 50% off to have a go. DO IT!

Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane (22)

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    1. Most definitely! It’s heaps of fun 🙂 Best to visit with a group of 3 or 4. I went to another Crazy Golf Place just the other day called Swingers right next to the Gherkin and it’s also really good. I’ll write something about it soon. Let me know if you end up visiting. I’ll be interested to hear how you found it!


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