Bokan Review: A Swanky London Sky Bar and Restaurant in Canary Wharf

Who doesn’t love a restaurant with a view? For those who love the high life (i.e. everyone)  Bokan is swanky sky bar & restaurant with an outside rooftop terrace in Canary Wharf.

Located at the top of the swish Novotel Hotel, Bokan is only a short walking distance from Canary Wharf and Heron Quays. You can’t miss it.

Bokan Bar and Restaurant (27)

On entering the hotel, you’ll be guided by the friendly and warm hotel staff and whisked to the 38 floor where the fun begins.

Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (01)

First things you’ll notice is how large the venue is. Spread over three floors, Bokan can cater for even the largest of squads. At level 37 is the dining area. Level 38 is the dining space and the top floor at 39 is the jewel in the crown: another bar plus an open rooftop terrace. A bit more on that later.

A dinner table reservation for a group of four could easily be turned into six at short notice. It’s sleek, screaming sophistication at every turn with dark wood everywhere, comfy looking throne-like armchairs, and plush leather sofa on every level. The dim lighting provided an intimate and sexy atmosphere that would make even Christian Grey blush.

Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (21)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (23)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (24)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (15)

At the time of visiting, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was afraid of the beating my bank account would take. As it turns out, food is a modern European fare with an uncomplicated menu – plenty of dishes to savour but without feeling overwhelmed, and the price, not so extortionate which is a huge relief for me and my debit card.

Bokan Bar and Restaurant (26)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (02)

Take the small plates as your starter and either the Josper Grill or large plate as your main. If you’re subscribed to the ‘sharing is caring’ idea, small plates are ideal for sharing.

All the dishes were delicious. I know that’s a bit of a shit answer but if push comes to shove and I had choose, the squid ratatouille with spicy oatmeal dust and saffron sauce was 👌 as was the Pugliese burrata with house-made focaccia, red pepper coulis and fresh basil (the creamiest mozzarella with red pepper sauce to you and me) for starters. For mains,  the rotisserie organic chicken with triple-cooked chips was generous and one for those with a healthy appetite.

My contemporaries unleashed their carnivorous side with steaks from the Josper Grill. I can’t comment as to the quality but from where I was sitting (and hopefully the pictures below), it looked filthy good.

Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (07)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (10)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (09)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (05)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (11)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (12)
Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (13)

Surprisingly full,  I could not find room to squeeze any dessert in. Again, the desserts looked luxurious, the perfect way to end quite a foodgasmic meal. That chocolate souffle is looking fine…

After dinner, level 39 is the place you want to be where you can sink into one of the many armchairs and sofa dotted around the room, and order your favourite cockail from the floors own bar. If it’s warm day, you’ll want to spend time on the rooftop terrace with that view.

Let’s talk about that view from the rooftop on level 39, though, because it is undoubtedly the crowning jewel at this swanky and lofty restaurant. Though it may be as high as The Shard nor as centrally located as St Paul’s, The Sky Garden or the London Eye, the view is, nevertheless very impressive with a 360-degree panoramic vista of London looking from the East End. Head to the toilets and lock yourself in for a moment. The views are just impressive there as it is in the dining room nd terrace.

Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (16)

If you’ve ever wondered what the views must be like to be working in one of those towering Skyscraper in Canary Wharf, but don’t have the privilege of access, this is as close you’ll get to finding out.

Bokan Sky Bar and Restaurant (18)

Bokan is the place to impress. It’s naturally pricey, but not as pricey as, say, Aqua Shard or Hutong in the Shard. Whether it be it a date, a client dinner, mother’s day or just catching up with a few friends, Bokan will deliver and at this price, although, painful, won’t completely blow a blackhole in your bank account.

Between 1 March – 14 March 2017, a soft-launch offer giving you 50% of your food bill. You MUST reserve your table for via telephone or email. If you reading this now between these dates, RSVP now. 

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