HotBox Review: Burgers to Die For

I love meat. I love BBQ, and I’m big fan of all things smokey. So naturally it didn’t take much convincing for me to visit Hotbox in Spitalfield.


What: Hotbox is a specialist American BBQ and smokehouse joint offering a hearty fare in a trendy setting. I was encouraged on arrival. Looks trendy.

Where: It’s not too far from the City. It lives in Spitalfields, across the road from Petticoat Lane market and about 5 minutes walk from Aldgate East tube station. You lucky city workers.

First impressions: A pretty small place. Admittedly, I didn’t explore the rest of the restaurant floor so there might be more than met my eye. Don’t be afraid to go it alone. There are stools and counters just for those who likes to fly solo like me.


What’s On The Menu: Vegetarians and vegans look away now It’s a meaty and hearty affair at Hotbox LDN. Menu is simple and a bit limited but the stuff on it is banging. Big and bold flavours for starters such as the jumbo BBQ prawns bathed in its own chilli and mezcal butter. Mountains of meaty goodness such as the Hotbox Piggy Burger or the more popular (but more expensive) Beef Short Ribs. Alternatively, the Scotch Bonnet Pork Ribs who prefers their heat.


What I ate: The jumbo BBQ prawn was spicy and bursting with the glorious flavours of chilli infused butter. Prawn was big and juicy. But it was just the only one *sad face*. Devoured in seconds. The HotBox Piggy Burger was much better. Mountains of meaty goodness with oozy American cheese, pulled pork, tangy barbeque sauce and pickled red onions. The Mac ‘n’Cheese was plentiful and creamy. It was πŸ‘Œ. Next time: The Smokey Bandit Burger


The look: Industrial-chic look. This means dark wood everywhere and long communal tables in the centre of the room. This also means rubbing shoulders with your neighbour even if you did book a ‘table’ for yourself. There might individual tables though. It’s a casual place.

On the side: Hotbox can get busy. Do yourself a favour and book a seat in advance. Definitely book ahead if you’re coming for brunch on the weekend. If you do rock up without a RSVP, there’s a bar downstairs (46 & Mercy) to sip a few cocktails while you wait for a table to become available.


Final words: Decent American BBQ place. Good on your own or a casual get together with the squad.


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