Inside the Quirkiest Museum in London: The Viktor Wynd Museum

Inside the Quirkiest Museum in London: The Viktor Wynd Museum

I challenge you to find another museum more quirky than the Viktor Wynd Museum. Good luck with that.


Hands down the quirkiest museum I’ve visited, The Viktor Wynd Museum is a tiny, basement museum not too far from Cambridge Heath station and a short walking distance from Bethnal Green Underground station.

From the outside, it looks a bit dodgy, like a magic store in Soho with its dark, gothic facade.


But be brave. Go through the door, pay your £5 entrance fee and descend down the narrowest spiral staircase to the basement where you’ll be instantly surrounded with the most bizarre collection of exhibits you’ve ever set eyes on.


From the tiniest of pocket guide books to gentlemanly etiquette to a cut-off lock of David Bowie’s mullet, the museum has everything. There are Victorian dolls to evoke nightmares with Annabelle and a couple of naughty erotic books that’s enough to make you think if this really is a seedy shop in mischievous Soho.











I cannot lie, I felt like I’ve walked right into a horror film. I was alone, surrounded by these dark and bizarre collections which could conceivably  jump back at me. At one point, I froze in my tracks when I noticed a lifeless effigy hung on a noose. Very unsettling.

When I said the museum is tiny, I really mean it. It’s absolutely tiny and you could literally “do” the museum in a matter of minutes. But every inch of the museum is packed with stuff and it’s worth spending a minute or two looking at them all. Trust me, you’ll want to.


The museum isn’t free as mentioned above. But £5 isn’t really much, is it? And you get a free guide book and a cup of tea to sooth your fractured nerves when you emerge from your little sojourn with your demons downstairs.

If you think all this is a bit too much for you, then fret not. The ground floor of the museum actually doubles up as an equally quirky cocktail bar and judging by the quirky decor and price, a pretty good cocktail bar at that. So even if the museum is not for you, the bar will.




It’s not for the faint hearted and probably not one to take the kids. The Viktor Wynd Museum of curiosities is quirky, it’s dark, it’s macabre, it’s erotic but a truly unique experience and I loved it. A visit to the Viktor Wynd museum is definitely worth checking out for most intrepid and quirky Londoner.

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