In Photos: The Spectacular Fireworks of Blackheath on Guy Fawkes Night

I love Winter. Not just because of the festive period and the new year, but also Guy Fawkes night.


A very English occasion, Guy Fawkes Night celebrates the historic moment when plans to blow up Parliament along with King James I was foiled at the last minute on the 5th November 1605. Guy Fawkes was discovered underneath parliament with gunpowder as the king and parliament sat in session.


To this day every year across the country, Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated by lighting up England’s skyline with spectacular fireworks.

I braved the cold to watch these fireworks in Blackheath, a little community in South-West London. It’s one of few free fireworks display to attend with a funfair close by and food stalls enticing you with their delicious aroma of mouth-watering food. What I love most about the fireworks in Blackheath is that no matter how late you are, you don’t have to arrive hours ahead to secure a decent viewing spot. You’re sure of a great show.



A word of caution though. It’s one of London’s most popular fireworks display so arrive a little early ahead of time to enjoy the funfair and food before the crowds get in, and plan your j0urney home carefully as getting out of Blackheath can be difficult with thousands of people trying to leave via Blackheath station. I recommend taking a long walk to Cutty Sark DLR station on the other side to escape the scrum.



Sadly, I am unable to upload my own video of the night but here it is kindly uploaded by another attendee from the 2015 fireworks which offers a flavour of the cracking fireworks to be seen every year on Guy Fawkes Night.

I’ll definitely be going next year if I am still around. I hope to see you there 🙂

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