Desmystifying the Financial World at The Bank of England

We all know how amazing the Museums in South Kensington are. But if you’ve ticked those museums off your list already, then here’s another totally FREE alternative museum you should definitely check out.


The Bank of England is informative, small to medium-size museum located right next door to Bank station  in the very centre of London’s mega powerful financial district.


Needless to say, it’s everything you could possibly know about this famous institution all under one grand roof. You’ll find out who designed the bank, its history, its heritage and the people who helped shaped the bank to what it is today. You’ll also discover and the bank’s importance to the economy and its relationship with other stakeholders like the government.



Inside you’ll hold a real gold bar, bank notes over the last 100 years (there’s a note for shillings!), explore the advanced security features of bank notes and even play with interactive games to further your understanding. Dare I say, it’s even injected a bit of fun into economics. Quite a feat I . Like me, if you refuse to rouse your brain from slumber on your day off,  videos play throughout that helpfully explain everything too.



Whilst an afternoon spent learning about the economy may not sound as cool as dinosaurs and the natural world, it is nevertheless still very informative and surprising child-friendly too with. The Bank of England does a pretty damn good at demystifying financial jargons. My highlight is finding out that the UK is planning to introduce a new £10 and £20 note!



For the intrepid explorers and curious minds looking to delve into the confusing world of finance, the Bank of England is another wonderful museum worth visiting.

Make a day out of it if you do plan to visit the Bank. The City of London isn’t just all business and finance! Why not lunch and shop in the Royal Stock exchange, visit Guildhall, Instagram Leadenhall Market or take in London’s sweeping vista from the Sky Garden in the Walkie-Talkie?





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