Wonderlab at The Science Musuem

The Science Museum is already one of the world’s greatest museum. Seven floors of educational and entertaining exhibits to inspire you.

But if you think the Science Museum couldn’t get any better, think again. A brand spanking new gallery, Wonderlab, has just opened, and it’s amazing.

Wonderlab encourages us to learn about our wondrous world by encouraging us to play and interact with the exhibitions. It’s stimulating, inspiring and most importantly, it’s super fun.

Inside, you’ll discover how gravity and resistance work by hoisting yourself up on a pulley system. You’ll explore the wonders of our solar system from the safety of a slowly rotating roundabout. You’ll see a never-ending myriad of your own reflection from a huge concave fractured mirror. All this, and I’m only mentioning a tiny fraction of what you can inside!
Throughout, you’ll also be treated to live demonstrations from ‘Explainers’, bringing science to life.
My personal favourite (and I suspect for many others!) is the slide. There is no better way to learn and teach kids about the science of friction than sliding down a slide in a hem sack. No harm in bringing out the inner-child in you by going down the slide yourself!


Wonderlab is the ultimate playground for adults and kids alike. You can even go alone as an adult. This is one place you won’t be judged on for indulging your inner child. The Science Museum is already one of the best places in London to spend your day especially if you have the little ones in tow. Wonderlab has just made it even better.

You can happily spend hours. I was so immersed, I’d not realised 2 hours had passed and still I’d not seen everything! I’ll definitely be going back.

It may not be free like the rest of the museum, but it’s not pricey either with prices starting at just £6 for kids. If you do go, consider it a very good investment.

So go on, rediscover the love you once had for science and have fun at the same time. Brings kids too, they’ll love it.
Science is boring? Pah! Not at the Science Museum, especially at Wonderlab 🙂

To see all my images from my night at Wonderlab, click here.

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