Hidden Gems of London: Guildhall Art Gallery

Hidden Gems of London: Guildhall Art Gallery

Listen up fellow Londonphiles, I’ve uncovered another hidden gem in London for you to explore: Guildhall Art Gallery.

Often overlooked, I first came across this beauty when I was covering the Great Fire of London festival. I didn’t have time to snoop around then but planned to re-visit. I’m glad I did.

Guildhall Art Gallery has a charming courtyard and is next neighbours to the handsome Guildhall Town Halls:

Guildhall Courtyard
Charming Guildhall Courtyard

It’s a pretty impressive building:


Guildhall Art Gallery Facade
The front of Guildhall Art Gallery

It has amassed a hugely impressive collection of exquisite artwork depicting life in London in the 1600’s through to the present day, from scenes of war to ordinary street life. You get a real sense of life in London through the ages:


The history and topography of London lie at the heart of the Guildhall’s collection with views of London comprising almost half of it’s holding of 4,500 artwork. Wow.

Art at Guildhall Art Gallery
Art at Guildhall Art Gallery


The main showpiece has to be enormous and unmissable oil canvas drawing depicting a battle. Apparently, this part of the gallery was designed to accommodate it.


Here’s a look at that massive oil canvass painting again:



Another must-see within the gallery is the remains of a Roman amphitheatre underground. I ran out of time to take a look, unfortunately. You’ll have to tell me what it’s like inside!


What I really love most about Guildhall is that chance to see how London has developed through the ages. If you’re visiting, take a look at the panoramic drawing of London in 1616, the time when St Paul’s had no dome and there were buildings built on London Bridge. Then compare it today’s landscape.That drawing can be found in this room here:


Like many amazing museums around London, Guildhall Art Gallery is FREE to enter.

So, if you love the Museum of London close to St. Paul’s Cathedral, then you’ll love Guildhall Art Gallery too.

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