It’s not advertised as perhaps it should, but walking along the river Thames is one of the best things you can do in the capital.

Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also therapeutic, listening to the waves of the Thames lap up along the banks. It’s free and a great way of taking in the sights of London.

London was blessed to have gorgeous weather on Friday afternoon and along with my trusty camera I set foot to show you what it’s like to enjoy this walk on a nice warm summer’s day.

Starting from historic Tower Bridge, I walked along Bankside, past Blackfriars, and along the Southbank where my walk ended.

Did you know you can walk along this route without without once crossing a road? See it for yourself!

Written by Kritt Normsaskul

Hi, I am Kritt, reluctant adult, professional day dreamer and adventurer extraordinaire. I love getting lost in my surroundings with my camera, a good cocktail and romantic walks to the fridge. Welcome to my blog on all things, London! (well, other things too but mostly London).

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