Farmopolis 2016

Go at the right time and you’re in for a pretty view

A tranquil and serene oasis in Greenwich where all the flowers come to live.

What is Farmopolis?

If you’ve ever wondered where all the pretty flowers go once the new RHS Chelsea Flower Show closes its curtains, then head down to Farmopolis on the other side of London to historic and happening Greenwich where The Jetty has been transformed into a floating garden oasis.

Farmopolis is a new urban farming destination in London, a micro-farm of sort pioneering the way in which green spaces where together food, art and culture are brought together. A dynamic year-round programme of live music, immersive theatre, creative workshop and more, will transform the jetty into a hub or creativity and well-being. Made possible by the prospering partnership between Farmopolis and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Part of a much larger-scale project, Farmopolis is a garden nursery, an alternative garden centre to house all the plants donated by RHS Chelsea Flower exhibitors, facilitating large scale plant exchanges and supporting Farmopolis’ new Young Farmer Apprenticeship scheme. This is where all those lovely RHS Chelsea Flowers go.


Sounds fun – but is it worth making the trip?
Located at The Jetty, one of London’s most loved event space and situated by riverside of the Thames, Farmopolis is a mere five minutes walk from the iconic 02 Arena and easy to get to. Just take the Jubilee line to North Greenwich and you’re pretty much already there. Its is a great place to relax, to drink, to eat with your friends in the evening with your your mates and the bar should keep you merry as you watch the sun set in the horizon. Definitely go in the evening. That sunset view is going to be gorgeous.


That’s it?

No, as It’s well worth checking on the Farmopolis website to see what events are taking place, some of which are totally free. Be sure to book in advance though.


What are the flower displays like?

It’s not exactly the immersive mesmerising jungle you find in Kew Garden or the Barbican Conservatory which is my only minor gripe. But then bear in mind, I went on the very first night and I would guess that more flowers will be added or some of the plants already there will bloom in a couple of weeks time.


How much does it cost to get in?

It is free.


Yes, free, but Farmopolois may ask for a suggested on donation of £3 to keep Farmopololis accessible to everyone, and to support the great work they are doing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bottom line – check this place out. It’s pioneering a great initiative, has a smashing view and some good drinks all in lovely Greenwich.

Big shout to Timeout London for giving me the chance to attend the opening night.

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