The Stables, Whitechapel Review: Cracking Pizzas in Hip Interiors

The Stables, Whitechapel Review: Cracking Pizzas in Hip Interiors

Forget takeaway pizzas, The Stable in Whitechapel is the place to be if you want quality artisan sourdough pizzas with an incredible range of cider. More on that later.


Pizza and cider? Yes please! Tell me more

The Stables is a seven year-old semi family run business from Dorset and, for the very first time, are bringing the West Country’s finest food and produce to the heart and soul of the East End and The City of London. It’s a cathedral to pizzas, pies, and, oh man, the cider.


Choose from an impressive and delicious range of artisan sourdough pizza’s. Thin crispy pizza bases loaded with moreish toppings  of your choosing. It’s not just any old topping too. It’s Dorset finest, remember? Ever tried the Roasted Larry? You know, marinated lamb with mint and thyme roasted sweet potatoes? Thought not. It works brilliantly too and there’s more great topping you may have never heard before to try and all quirkily named.

Pizza: 😍

Just the pizzas though?

Nope, there’s more 🙂 It’s not just the pizza’s that big at this hip East End eatery. Meaty pies and sumptuous salads complements the menu and if you’re popping by for lunch, wraps and ploughman’s are on the menu too for hungry diners to viciously attack.

Spacious: A large dining area is at the back

When I say it’s a cathedral of ciders, not just pizzas, I wasn’t joking. There are 80 (80 goddamn it!) jaw-dropping choices of cider to wash down the pizza you’ve just gorged on. Crisp and refreshing, The Stables’ cider game is strong.

Cider: On tap, and only a few selection

I’m sold! When’s the best time to go?

For the bargain lovers of there, make sure you drop in on a Tuesday night from 5pm. A artisan sourdough pizza with a half-pint of the West Country’s finest cider for £10? Yes please. I’d imagine this will be quite popular so book in advance if possible to take advantage of this great deal.

Don’t be fooled by it’s space when you peer through the front window. At the back, it’s spacious with space for live music and with a hip feel to the placewith it’s brick-layered walls and bright lights which fits perfectly with the cool East End vibe. Brick Lane is literally just across the road after all.

Perfect with friends and even families, I’m glad the Stables has landed in London and I’ll be coming back for more. Tuck in!

Pulse London says: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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