Shuang Shuang Review: Conveyor Belt Style Service in Chinatown!

Another restaurant in London?

Not quite, Shuang Shuang is one of few London restaurants to offer a Hot-Pot style dining experience.


A Hot-Pot Style Restaurant? Eh?

Unlike conventional restaurants, you’re in complete control of your food. You pick your broth, your dipping sauce and your pick of the meats and veggies  to put into your steaming, boiling broth of deliciousness. Fancy something aromatic/spicy/sweet? There’s a broth for you. You can also pick from the many dipping sauce suggestions on offer or even go DIY and create your own. Yo! Sushi has gone all IKEA.


Never seen a Hot-Pot restaurant. Where is it? What’s it like inside?

It’s literally around the corner from Chinatown. The décor is modern, the atmosphere was lively and if you’re in a big group, you can reserve tables on the first floor where big sharing hot pots awaits you. It’s a great place to catch up with friends. Wouldn’t take a date here though.


And the food? Can I go all Gordon Ramsey with my hot-pot?

Not quite. This was my first experience of hot pot in London aaaannd it was ok. I just wish there were more options on the conveyor belt and it would have been good to have a sushi bar too. I also felt the broth was a little bland and I had to douse mine in soy sauce to add a bit more oomph.



But wait! Apart from the limited food choices, that’s the only shortcoming I can find. Besides that that everything was great. The staff were a shining light. Staff were very welcoming, very warm, very helpful in explaining how the the whole concept worked and on hand to get you anything from the kitchen if you can’t find it on the conveyor belt.


Worth going?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a unique dining experience, something Londoner’s are yet to grow into. Great with groups of friends. With a bit more time, and having listened to initial thoughts after opening, I am expecting improvements with more food choices.


Ultimately, a lovely restaurant, with a bright and modern décor, lively atmosphere and super staff. It’s about time London caught up with Asia and got itself a hot-pot style restaurant. But still rooms for improvements. Nevertheless a very welcome addition to London’s ever-changing restaurant scene.

Pulse London says: 🌟🌟🌟

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