Voltaire, Champagne Bar Review

What is it? Voltaire? What’s in the name?

Voltaire Champagne Bar (named after the eminent French philosopher, writer and historian) was my first visit to a Champagne and Cigar bar in London.  Champagne and Cigar bars are well known for it’s high price and normally way beyond my budget. So when I received an invitation to try a range of rum based cocktails as part of Rum Week, I was excited to see what you got for your money. It was everything I expected. And I had a good time.

Intoxicatingly good

Pricy. So, what do you get?

Located within London’s square mile and only a short walk across the road from Blackfriars tube station. Voltaire is easily reachable, it’s décor is truly luxurious furnished with cream coloured sofas, the drinks are first-class and the atmosphere is alive with noise and activity.

Opulent: All very luxurious inside this champagne bar

What I loved most about Voltaire is the intimate and private vaults located just outside the entrance to the bar. Named after the great philosopher’s many contemporaries such as the “The Thinker” and ”The Playwright” , there are nine vaults in total which you can be booked in advance for a truly VIP experience complete with your own waiter. The number of people each vault can host vary from room to room, from just two people for a really impressive date to a group of 10 friends.

The Vault: One of the more intimate vaults at Voltaire. For the VIP’s if you can afford it.

Why would I ever want to go if it’s that expensive?

As already mentioned, Voltaire is expensive, which is of course, to be expected. After all, it’s located in the heart of London where workers in high-powered suits regularly hang out. But if you’ve got the cash, then this could be the place to impress, or where you and friends can really splash out and treat yourselves.


Any special offers? Tips perhaps?

if you work close to Voltaire on Blackfriars, then consider a few after-work drinks here. Voltaire offers all year round “after work perks” offer where between 5pm – 7pm, it’s £8.50 for two cocktails on Monday to Friday.

The Talker: For indulgent conversations in philosophy over tall flutes of Champagne, obvs.

It’s a great venue, luxurious décor, huge choices of drinks. But unfortunately, it’s beyond most people’s budget.


Atmosphere: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Value for money: 🌟🌟

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

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