Big Easy in Canary Wharf Review

I really enjoyed my first visit to this ever growing popular American restaurant which specialises in dishes from the South States of the USA Covent Garden. So, when I first heard another branch was opening in Canary Wharf, I knew I had to give it a try and see if it could live up to the standard set by it’s Covent Garden branch…and it certainly did not disappoint!

Based on the top floor of Canary Wharf’s newly built Crossrail station, the first thing I noticed was just how much bigger and roomy this Canary Wharf branch compared to it’s Covent Garden sibling. It’s cosy, warm and furnished with cushioned, L-shaped seating in every corner.  It’s got an outdoor terrace which looks out towards West India Quay. It’s got great live music in the evening, the bar is big and the atmosphere is relaxed and the décor is so immersive it feels like you’ve transports to an American BBQ joint on the deep south of the US and A.

One thing that struck me about is the quantity of food of your order. They are MASSIVE. I was pretty ravenous when I arrived, and even I struggled to wolf down all my food. My friend and I ordered the Taste-O-Rama! and limitless Shrimp which was flavorful, plentiful and came with side order of house ‘slaws and tangy pit-smoked beans. Delicious


All in all, another great experience and welcome addition to the foodie scene quickly developing at Canary Wharf Cross Rail station. It’s reasonably priced, you certainly get good value and Big Easy is the perfect place to be with your mates after a long day or week, for a taste of the deep south of the USA and for mouth-watering food to order.




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